Does your Pool have a Concrete Cancer Problem?

November 10, 2021

When the pool is first constructed, reinforcing material (typically steel rebar) is used to form and secure the walls of the pool. Over time and pool usage, moisture is absorbed into the concrete – naturally causing the steel within the concrete to rust.

The “cancer” part of concrete cancer refers to what results from the rust: you’ll begin to see rust marks on the surface of your pool. In addition to these marks, some owners may experience cracking in the surface, and calcification. These blemishes aren’t just a hit to the eyes, they can seriously erode the structural integrity of your pool and eventually cause the surrounding walls to collapse!

The fix for Concrete Cancer is luckily quite straight-forward. The affected area needs to be removed from the pool and then replaced with new concrete. After this is completed, you are able to place a new concrete sealer over top and
carry on using your pool as is. There is a downside to this; Concrete Cancer will occur as long as you have water making prolonged contact with your pool’s concrete shell.

How can you avoid Concrete Cancer and secure the long term life of your pool? The best solution for preventing Concrete Cancer is to choose fibreglass pool resurfacing.

The reasons for fibreglass’ superiority over concrete are numerous, not including the fact that you won’t experience Concrete Cancer again. The fibreglass shell acts as a non-porous barrier system, preventing any water from passing through to the concrete. In the rare occasion that water does make prolonged contact with the concrete, the fibreglass shell will keep the rust contained in the concrete, preventing it from entering your pool. In this fashion, the fibreglass will ensure a prolonged lifespan for your pool (up to 20 years!), and will drastically reduce the likelihood of any concrete cancer re-occurrence. With fibreglass pool resurfacing, you can kiss Concrete Cancer goodbye!

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About the Author

Derek is the owner and manager of Fibrestyle Pool Resurfacing. Located in New South Wales, Fibrestyle has been proudly serving the Sydney area with an unwavering focus on quality for over 10 years. Derek is passionate about exceeding expectations, and this attitude has been the driver in Fibrestyle's success through the last decade.

Dealing with concrete cancer and thinking about resurfacing

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