Factors That Impact the Cost of a Pool Resurfacing Quote

November 10, 2021

How many of us have experienced sticker shock after receiving a quote from a contractor? Nothing sets a bad tone to a professional relationship quite like the belief that you’re being over-charged for a service. After resurfacing pools in Sydney for over 20 years, we’ve fielded many questions from our customers about what factors can impact the value of a quote. In the spirit of these questions, we decided to share exactly what we look at when we visit your home to discuss a job, and what sort of things factor into the value of the quote that we give you.

Size of the pool

The most basic factor is: How big is the pool that requires resurfacing? Most pool resurfacing companies will use the dimensions of the pool to calculate the total square meterage. This is a great way for getting a baseline for the price, as it gives the contractor an idea for how much material will be required for the job. It also tells us how many hours the job will take, which will impact the cost of labour. While the pool size is a large factor, there are other things we look at that can either decrease or increase the cost of the pool resurface.

Condition of the Pool

Many times when we inspect a pool, said pool will have water in it. In some of these cases, the water will be black/murky, making it difficult for our staff to see what lies beneath the surface. Some things under the surface that may be concealed include osmosis, drummy, and general decay of the pool. These things are many times revealed after the job has begun, and cost extra time to tackle vs if the pool was in decent condition. Hidden issues like this will impact the amount of time the job will take, and likewise will increase the cost of the job.

Additional Features

A great way to think about additional features to your pool is to compare them to buying a new car. You can purchase the basic model of the car that you can drive off the lot that day, or you can add additional features and options that will increase the time and corresponding cost of the job. When it comes to resurfacing your pool, this is much the same. Are you looking for a simple resurface, or perhaps something more? Many times when we resurface a pool, the customer will request additional work such as adding waterline tiles, patio paving, pool coping, pool fencing, additional water features, stairs swim-up landings, etc. All of these things are extras, and will impact the overall cost of the job. That being said, it is always best to decide on these things before you begin the job, as the resurface should be the final part of the job if there is other work being done around the pool.


Access to the job site can sometimes be an important factor in the cost of the job. While most resurfacing jobs are simple open-shut cases where access is not a factor. Some larger jobs can be time-costly with regards to moving heavy and bulky materials onto the site. This extra time required can in some cases increase the labour cost, and grow the cost of the quote.

That about sums it all up! There’s of course a few other minor factors here and there that will impact your quote price, but these are the big ones.

About the Author

Derek is the owner and manager of Fibrestyle Pool Resurfacing. Located in New South Wales, Fibrestyle has been proudly serving the Sydney area with an unwavering focus on quality for over 10 years. Derek is passionate about exceeding expectations, and this attitude has been the driver in Fibrestyle's success through the last decade.

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