Why 2021 is the Year to Resurface your Pool

November 10, 2021

Happy New Years! We hope you have made some great resolutions for 2021; from losing weight, to reading more, there are infinitely different types of resolutions. With all of the focus on the traditional resolutions, we wanted to mention a resolution that you may not have thought about: Resurfacing your pool.

You may look at your pool and think there’s nothing wrong with it. If you don’t know the signs that you need to resurface your pool, check out our previous blog post that dealt with that very topic. If you know you need a resurface but have been holding off, we have some good reasons why 2016 is the year to resurface your pool.

Resurfacing your Pool Instead of Replacing it Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

That’s right! While a new pool can average $50,000, pool resurfacing costs only 20% of that, and you still get that new pool look. Why bother with replacing your old pool when you can choose to resurface and extend the life of your pool by up to 20 years. With 20 years of extended life for 20% of the cost, choosing to resurface your pool is an easy decision.

Pool Resurfacing Can Be Done in Most Weather Conditions

Although demand is always highest in Spring and Summer, pool resurfacing can be done effectively throughout most of the year. All-year-round, you can trust that we will be there. Don’t wait until Spring and risk not having your pool ready for the family get-together, resurface in the off-season and know that when the right weather rolls around, your pool will be entertainment ready.

Resurfacing only takes 7 Days on Average

Are you worried about having your backyard recreation area turned upside down while we work? Don’t be! We are fully licensed, and an average pool resurface only takes 7 days from start to completion. In one week, you can have your pool returned to a beautiful, new condition.

Why Trust Fibrestyle to Resurface Your Pool?

We get it, your pool is an extension of your home, and is a big investment. Fibrestyle has been offering pool resurfacing in New South Wales for over ten years, with hundreds of satisfied clients. We are a member of the New South Wales Swimming Pool and Spa Association, and we only use quality products that we know will leave you smiling. Contact Us for a free, no-obligation quote.

About the Author

Derek is the owner and manager of Fibrestyle Pool Resurfacing. Located in New South Wales, Fibrestyle has been proudly serving the Sydney area with an unwavering focus on quality for over 10 years. Derek is passionate about exceeding expectations, and this attitude has been the driver in Fibrestyle's success through the last decade.

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