Why use Fibreglass for Pool Resurfacing?

November 10, 2021

Obviously we love fibreglass, and recommend it as the best solution for all of your pool resurfacing and pool renovation needs, but why do we love it so much? We named our company after it, so there must be a reason why fibreglass is so near and dear in our hearts. There’s actually three reasons why we love fibreglass so much—durability, flexibility, and longevity.


The first reason to love fibreglass for pool resurfacing is the durability of the material. Fibreglass is renowned for how well it can take a beating while still maintaining its integrity. We know that our clients love their pools, and few things bring a smile to their face faster than the thought of having the whole neighbourhood over for a barbecue next to the pool. Fibreglass is the ideal material to make sure that your pool will withstand the wear and tear of the neighbourhood kids using your pool, and can actually be more durable than an exposed concrete surface! This is because water penetrates concrete, rusting the rebar within the structure and consequently introducing that rust into your pool water. Fibreglass is water tight, which means that the water will never touch the concrete frame around your pool, and keep your investment paying off into the long-term.


The next reason we love fibreglass for pool resurfacing and renovating so much is because of how flexible it is! While fibreglass can be manipulated into a variety of shapes (stairs, seats, etc), the fibreglass is also able to bend and accommodate a considerable amount of shifting to the surface behind it. This means that structure of the pool may flex and move as the pool settles into the ground, but the fibreglass frame within your pool will maintain its integrity. Furthermore, because fibreglass is so flexible and resilient, even if there is a serious structural issue to the pool behind it, the fibreglass shell will keep the water separated from any issues – keeping repair costs down and saving you money in the long run.


Finally, fibreglass is long lasting. It is not unusual for a fibreglass pool resurfacing to last up to 20 years! Many of the attributes we mention above help make this happen, but fibreglass is a naturally long lasting material, which is why we recommend it! What’s more, an average pool resurfacing will only take 9-14 days (weather and pool size dependent), meaning that you can rejuvenate your pool in under half a month and have it ready for action before you host the next big company barbecue!

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About the Author

Derek is the owner and manager of Fibrestyle Pool Resurfacing. Located in New South Wales, Fibrestyle has been proudly serving the Sydney area with an unwavering focus on quality for over 10 years. Derek is passionate about exceeding expectations, and this attitude has been the driver in Fibrestyle's success through the last decade.

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