Pool Renovations

Repairing Structural Issues
Building Stairs
Shortening Concrete Pools

Due to the flexibility and strength of the fibreglass products we use, the possibilities of alterations within the pool are simple and cost-effective for renovations and repairs.

Repairing Structural Issues

Should the pool have inherent cracks resulting from poor construction, age or ground subsidence, our fibreglass Fibretec system will repair and fix the problem.

Building Stairs

Stairs can be designed and added to the pools simply, without complicated construction.

Shortening Pools

Pools can be made smaller using our fibreglass system.

Does your pool need renovating?

Our recent projects

Pool Resurfacing and Osmosis Removal

Treating significant osmosis damage by completely removing it and resurfacing with fibreglass.

Marblesheen to Fiberglass - Removing Concrete Cancer

Repairing and resurfacing a marblesheen pool with concrete cancer and a number of other issues.

Vinyl Lined to Fiberglass and Structural Rebuild

Rebuilding and resurfacing a vinyl-lined pool with structural issues using fibreglass and concrete.

Padstow Swim Centre

Breathing life into a structurally-failing commercial pool facility in Sydney.