How Long Does the Average Pool Resurfacing Job Take?

November 10, 2021

Summer is almost here! With all this amazing weather, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding how long the average pool resurfacing job takes from start to end (in other words, how long until I can have a pool party?!) Although every job is slightly different, we are able to offer some rough averages for how long each step in the Pool Resurfacing process takes, and how much time a resurface will generally take before you’ll be able to use your pool again.

The first step in our process is to drain and dry your pool. This step is probably obvious to most people, but we can’t resurface your pool until all the water is drained out and the surface is completely dry. This is necessary because the product we put on your pool requires a dry environment in order to cure and seal properly. This process is weather dependent, but usually we budget 1-2 days of time to ensure the coating has had enough time to cure. Also important to mention, we will be careful to avoid any hydrostatic relief during this process, as explained in our How-To Winterize Your Pool blog.

After the coating has cured, we use a vinyl-ester resin to seal it up and protect it from the wear and tear of normal use. The sealing process usually takes up to 1 day.

Using a 450g Chop Strand Matting, we line your pool with the fibreglass laminate that will become the new surface of your pool shell. This process is critical, as the fibreglass will be the surface that will be absorbing the most use in your pool. After the laminate is on, we bond it to the vinyl-ester resin. This process will again take up to 1 day.

Once the laminate has hardened, we give it a light grind to remove any imperfections from the application and smooth the surface out. After this is done, we apply a resin-based filler coat to the fibreglass shell.

Now that the filler coat has dried properly, grind it to remove any imperfections. After this is completed, we apply a top-coat of gel that will give the pool it’s smooth protective layer. This layer ensures that no water will enter the shell, and is one of the reasons that our Pool Resurfacings can last for up to 20 years! One final grind is applied to again remove any imperfections and uneven applications of the gel coats, but we are done after this process! Your pool will take generally 5-7 days to harden and seal, but after this you’re free to use it again!!

All told, a start to finish resurfacing job will take from 9-14 days depending on the weather, size of your pool, and if there are any unforeseen complications. This estimate doesn’t consider if you are having custom work done, like waterline tiles, stairs, or paving done around the pool.

We hope this information was valuable – if you have any questions or are interested in a no-obligation quote be sure to contact us!

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Derek is the owner and manager of Fibrestyle Pool Resurfacing. Located in New South Wales, Fibrestyle has been proudly serving the Sydney area with an unwavering focus on quality for over 10 years. Derek is passionate about exceeding expectations, and this attitude has been the driver in Fibrestyle's success through the last decade.

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